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Who We Are

We are Red Cubez, your non-traditional fully stacked software application development company friend. We don’t deal with clients - we only make partners -- YOU. Our approach to application development is a somewhat unconventional one. We don’t just take on projects; first, we understand the scope of your idea, and its intended use. Then, we provide an unbiased opinion regarding its feasibility, acceptability in market and whether you should continue on this journey and then we hop in for the ride together. We take our partners through the lifecycle of the product creation, its different aspects, and keep them in the loop through its entirety. Our agile development approach allows us to showcase our progress quicker - providing a chance for iterations along the way.

How We Work

Integrated Team

We’re in this together

You've got an amazing idea and are looking for a way to build it? No worries, Red Cubez has you covered. We know building a new team and creating an idea from scratch is daunting and expensive. That's where we come in! We will build your product, help take it to market, and keep you in the loop and iterate changes as things progress. In short, we will take you across the finish line!

Trusted Partner

Unite & Win

Are you looking for a seasoned group of professionals to build an idea? Or maybe you are looking for a trusted partner to help with an implementation. We partner with consultants, companies and designers to bring life to your ideas.

What We Do

Discover, Define, Deliver, Reach



What will this logo represent? What are your users really expecting your product to do? What is your website going to function, anyways? What will this app do? We’ll ask you these and other annoying but essential questions, and then we’ll help you answer them, to ensure every part of your product meets an expectation and fulfils a concrete goal.



The simplest of sites to the most mission-critical application receives the same attention to detail from us. We tirelessly advocate for the end-user and drive towards intuitive flows.



Every project is considered unique because of its application development requirements and criteria. It needs to fulfil a specific need which in turn determines the set of technologies and tools best suited for it. We address the situation head on and pick the appropriate solution as required.



We define and deliver strategies to help an organization in its re-branding, digital transformation or marketing in order to thrive in today’s digital economy. Along the way, we provide skilled professionals for their guidance and support.

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